The irons are golf clubs that usually play shorter distances than woods and make approaches to the green. One can, generally, play all kinds of hit with the irons. Still need to know which golf club to choose.

There are 9 irons numbered from 1 to 9. The smallest number corresponding to the iron that allows traveling the most distance. This is already an important element for you to know how to choose your golf clubs. Before you decide to take part in the 2018 Long Drive Champions you will need to be specific.

At the club head, a wide outsole makes ball lifting easier and makes your club more tolerant. A thin sole will give you a tighter trajectory and therefore more precision. For more tolerance choose an iron with Offset. The offset is an offset between the neck and the club head to reduce the undesirable effects of slice.

Offset helps the player keep his hands in front of the club face at the moment of impact, giving him a better chance of crossing the ball.

So how do you choose your golf clubs based on this data? It’s simple: for more power we will choose an iron with a lowered center of gravity, while to increase its precision we will prefer a center of gravity reassembled.

The striking structure

The wider it is, the more forgiving it is on off-center strikes. We are talking about oversize head. The heads “midsize” are smaller but offer sensations, precision and power. It’s up to you to see which golf club to choose according to your desires and goals.

Not easy to find among all the models of golf clubs when we start or we do not know yet very well. I am doing this article to advise you in the easiest way possible: the different families of golf clubs, their usefulness, some tips to choose well and my recommendations of purchase for a beginner / average level player. Do not invest fortunes in your equipment, but still take clubs that hold the road otherwise you may soon regret it.


The woods are meant to drive the ball a great distance. These are the longest and most powerful clubs among all other types of golf clubs. They usually have a big head and a long handle. These two criteria allow you to roll the ball at a good speed. In addition, they are relatively light. Most woods have a graphite rod, titanium, composite or steel head in a hollow form.


The irons are designed for a variety of shots. They range from 1 to 9. Among the numbered irons, there are long irons (2-4); Number 1 and 2 are for professional golfers, 3 and 4 for certified players. The medium irons (5-7), the 6 and the 7 are very frequent on the courses and reconcile at the same time length and precision. The 8th, 9th and wedges occur when you want to have a high trajectory for example.