A tennis court fence’s primary goal is to prevent the movement of tennis balls from going outside from the tennis court. For this purpose, a tennis court fence should be high enough to restrict the movement of bouncing tennis balls inside the tennis court. The fencing should withstand the impact of tennis balls once they hit the fence.

There are plenty of tennis court fencing options available in the market. However, the longest durable and aesthetic variant of tennis fence is made up of panels. Here’s a guide that you should follow while installing a fence around your tennis court.

There are two ways to install a fence around your tennis court:

Installation of Posts Around Tennis Court

Option 1: The posts of the fence are installed after the construction of the sub-base. You can contact tennis court builders for this particular duty. In this case, the holes for the posts have to be drilled very carefully so that it doesn’t cause any damage to the court sub base. The area around the posts should be smoothed and levelled when the posts installation is complete.

Option 2: The second option to install the fence around the tennis court involves installing posts before the installation of curbstones when the sub-base is being constructed. This step is more beneficial because when posts are installed first, the structure of the tennis court’s sub-base can be finished smoothly without the need to level it again later, and there would be no need for tennis court repair.

Take the measurements of the court slope.

The court slopes are towards the shorter side and are considered after the installation of posts. It is advised to distribute the difference of heights of the shorter side equally between the posts; otherwise, you will need a tennis court repair in future.

Use the concrete to install fence posts.

The fence posts should be installed with concrete so that the concrete part is as long as the metal part of the post under the ground. The concrete part should be almost 0-40 cm long. Posts of the gate are installed in the same way as the posts of the fence.

Fix the fence panels to posts

Now the fence panels have to be fixed with the posts by a stainless steel bracket. While installing, remember the even edge panels are positioned to the upward side.

Final Step of Tennis Court Fence Installation

When all the panels have been fixed to the posts, gates are installed then the fence is ready to use. According to your need, you can add a windscreen as it protects the balls against the breeze to some extent.