If you have an athlete in your family, then you know that a victory for them on the field is a point of pride for the entire family. This is especially true of more significant events such as homecoming or playoffs, but there is never a bad time to celebrate a victory by your own athlete. Here are some great gift ideas for celebrating that latest victory.

Medal Displays

Medal displays and medal hangers are becoming an increasingly popular sports gift. They are the perfect way to store medals without taking up too much space. With medals overtaking trophies as the leading award for athletic events, medal hangers designed for runners are only going to increase in popularity. In fact, Victory Hangers at now offers bespoke medal hangers, so you can be sure you are getting the perfect medal hanger for your athlete.

New Gear

One thing that often gets overlooked, especially in individual sports such as running, is gear. In most team sports the equipment is provided at the start of the season and maintained by the team, but for individual sports, this is not the case. It is easy to forget that a good pair of running shoes, for example, can cost well over $100. These costs can add up, especially for an athlete who is dedicated to training. Find out what kind of gear is needed and see if you can find their specific brand and size. Athletes, particularly endurance athletes, often have one brand or style that they have become accustomed to. If you are going to buy gear as a gift, be sure to check with the person you are buying it for ahead of time, or stay safe and get a gift card.

Event Registration

Another often overlooked expense for individual athletes is the cost of admission for events. For example, a marathon can cost between $50 and $300+ depending on the race and time of registration. Since most athletes either won’t seek out or won’t receive sponsorship, this cost can accumulate quickly. If there is an event that you know your athlete is going to sign up for, gift them the registration. This will not only be a great gift that will relieve them of some of the burdens of their sport, but it also shows that you believe in them and are willing to continue to support their efforts on the field.

A Gift of Support Can’t Go Wrong

When you are looking for a special gift, consider the options at Victory Hangers. Too many athletes give up on their sport because they don’t believe they have the support of their friends and family. So, remember, when you give a victory gift, you are not only giving the gift but also showing your support and hopefully keeping your athlete interested in pursuing their sport.