Are you familiar with jiu-jitsu? In case you don’t have any idea about it, here some definitions of what is jiu-jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is a self-defence martial art. It is also known as combat sport based on grappling and submission hold. It focuses on the strength to control your opponents and take your opponents down on the ground. To take your opponents down, you need to gain a dominant position using various numbers of techniques that you’ve learned. Using the numbers of methods, you are going to force your opponents into submission. You can use this sport to protect yourself when you are being harmed. The children are also allowed to join this sport. You will be taught the things you need to train and how you will apply them. Jiu-jitsu is predominantly ground-based material art. It is using the teaching of leverage, pressure, and timing. It is also a great source of cardiovascular exercise to improve overall health.

Gracie jiu-jitsu

If you are one of those who love jiu-jitsu or want to experience it, visit the site, they will be able to help you. They are teaching jiu-jitsu and giving everyone a chance to exp[erience it. They are currently taught to the US military for combat. They are also training women and children. It is the most efficient self-protection technique for women and children. They are professional with their work and approachable when you ask anything about the training.


What will they teach?

¬†They teach various techniques that are not common to others. If you are a novice, this site is right for you because they accept a learner like you. With their knowledge and skills, you can explore many things and enjoy what you experience. They’re going to teach you with the ability to know and memorize the techniques. Skills and power are essential to take your antagonist into submission and defend yourself. Lastly, confidence is also required to show them that you are confident enough to win because confidence is also a fuel to push yourself to win. Gracie jiu-jitsu is a very family-oriented martial art. A family as a whole can practise it.

Other special offers

Gracie offers ten days of free trial for the new member. Your membership will cover the no grading fee, no affiliation fees, and no joining fees. The only thing that you need to pay is the fortnightly fee. You can also apply for private classes to improve your skills more. Private classes are for personal attention and personal training. Private classes also have linear learning and flexible schedule. Moreover, they offer a range of available discounts, below are the discounts they offer;

  • 10% discounts for tertiary students
  • 25% discounts for first responders
  • 25% dor second family member