Sports’ betting has caught up big time in recent years. Reports suggest that sports’ betting in fact has a 40% share in the global gambling market. This in itself is a huge number and though most countries have made sports betting illegal, the rules are not too clear and thus people tend to bet on sports in a growing number. Cashing in on the sports betting trend is, which helps its visitors pick and predict winners of basketball games in USA.

Though earlier CentSports allowed its viewers to place direct bets, it is currently an online place that provides reviews of various basketball teams and thus helps the visitor place bets on other betting sites. We have a team of avid basketball enthusiasts who know the technicalities of the game in and out. This in-depth knowledge coupled with their unwavering interest in the game makes them experts to review each player of every team and then predict the possibilities of a win.


Our experts are prepared before the start of the season – be it NBL, NFL or College Basketball – and take up every game one by one. They provide in-depth reviews of a team – which includes their past performances, their strengths and weaknesses and how well they have fared against the team they will be facing in the upcoming matches.

Our experts review teams in all three categories of the game – namely College Basketball games, NBL and NFL. For the recently finished game between Minnesota Timberwolves and Portland Trailblazers, our reviewers not only considered the number of games each team had won against the other but also took into account whether the game was played at home ground or not. They also mentioned how an injury to one of Portland’s key players might play an important role in the outcome of the game. They considered the current trends of the teams, did a SWOT analysis and then predicted that Portland Trailblazers would win! If our visitor had placed a bet on Portland Trailblazers, as advised on, he would have won without having to do any extra work.

Our detailed reviews help out our visitors by doing the work for them. The visitor no longer has to place bets based on guesses. All he needs to do before an upcoming game is to visit CentSports and search for that particular game. He will have all information at his fingertips and then he can place a bet which will surely help him win!