Are you an amateur or professional skater and need a pair of skates? Or a parent and would like to get a pair for your child but are a little overwhelmed by the many kinds of skates in the market. What model should I buy? What feature is appropriate for my skill level? These are some of the questions you couldn’t find answers to. Don’t you worry, in this piece, we bring you a professional guide to help you buy the perfect kind of skates, like the CCM Super tacks which are among the best we have used.

Determine Whether Recreational or Competitive

An essential guide to finding a perfect pair of skates is to first determine whether you are buying for recreational or competitive purpose. For someone who’s looking to play hockey recreationally, you may not need a skater with advanced features – just yet. As you’d only be spending more money on a pair of skates packed with features you don’t necessarily need. However, if you need the skates for a competitive purpose, then, we recommend that you buy skates that come with pro features such as high stiffness, lighter build, etc.

Consider Your Type of Foot

Whether you are buying for recreational or competitive purposes, it is vital that you consider your foot type. Skates are significantly different from other footwear and that is why manufacturers generally have diverse models of skates for the different types of feet. So, how do you determine your foot type? The depth of your foot, the width of your ankle and heel, and the width of your feet at the toes are the vital identifiers of a foot type. When you have an idea of your type of foot, then you can find a skate suitable for you

Be Certain Of Your Size

Your skate size will be quite different from your shoe size. Interestingly, it is most unlikely that a skate size that matches the length of your foot will fit properly. Unlike your trainers, skates should fit more snugly on your feet. And that is why it is recommended that you buy skates that are 1-2 sizes smaller than your shoe size. Also, make sure that you have about a quarter inch in the heel such that your toes will barely touch the cap of the toe box.

Consider Other Vital Features

Beyond the level of the stiffness of skates, there are also other essential features to consider. Basically, a skate comprises of the boot and the holder – or sometimes called the runner. You need to ascertain that both are of high quality. The holder, particularly, should have the right height and size because it facilitates agility and also makes for a smooth travel on the ice. Meanwhile, the boot of the skate too should have all of its components intact. The shell of the boot, heel support, ankle padding, liner, and footbed; all of these elements of the boot must be intact before you buy the skate.


Deciding on what’s important and what’s not can make buying a new pair of skates to be daunting. However, if you closely follow the recommendations in this piece, you’d find the process of getting a new pair of skates effortless.