If you are a beginner at golf, it is important that you know all about the best golf clubs for beginner before your first game. New players who have no idea about golf clubs might think that all of them work the same way. Nope, they don’t! This is why it is a must that you familiarize yourself with the different types of golf clubs that you can typically find in a golfer’s bag.

Different Types Of Golf Clubs 

This is a general overview of the different forms and functions of the golf clubs. These days, there are five categories of golf clubs – woods, irons, wedges, putter, and hybrids. Let us go ahead and learn more about them and see what makes each of them important when playing golf.

  • Woods. This category includes the ‘driver’ and the fairy woods. These are the clubs with the largest heads that are usually hollow and extends a few inches from side to side, and a few inches from back to front. These clubs also have rounded lines with the longest shafts. These clubs are used if the golfer aims to swing the fastest, for longest shots, as well as strokes that are played from the teeing ground.

best golf clubs for beginner

  • Irons. This comes in numbered sets that range from pitching wedge or 3-iron through 9-iron. They have the same clubheads as that of the woods, especially with front to back. They are very thin which is why they are nicknamed “blades.” Most of the iron clubs have solid heads even though some of them are also hollow. They have angled faces or “loft” and etched with grooves that can help grip the ball and affect the spin. These clubs are usually used on shots from the fairway, for tee shots, or for short holes. Remember that as the number of the iron goes up, the loft also increases while its shaft length decreases.
  • Wedges. This category includes pitching, gap, sand, and lob wedges. They are known for their own type of golf club but they are sub-sets of irons because of their clubheads that are made of irons. The only difference is that wedges are severely angled for more loft than the irons. These clubs are the highest-lofted and are commonly used for shorter approach shots into greens, chips, pitches around greens, and also for playing out of the sand bunkers.
  • Putters. These are specialized clubs and the type that usually comes in the wildest shapes and sizes. These clubs are used mainly for ‘putting’ on the greens, for last strokes on a golf hole, or for knocking the ball straight into the hole. Putters come in different styles depending on the clubheads and also on the variety of lengths.
  • Hybrids. This is by far the most popular among beginners. They come in common sets that are specifically put together for beginners mainly because they can be used for long fairway shots. Compared to other club types, hybrids are new. These are a combination of fairway wood head design with an iron length shaft. This design would enable the golfer to take shots traditionally taken with a long iron. These clubs will let the golfer experience the best of both worlds.

Now that you know the basics about golf clubs, it is time to take a step further. Make sure that you learn all the necessary rules and regulations of the game. Knowledge and constant practice is the key to every beginner.