Battle Royale is a concept that is getting very popular today since its fun. In the game, you’re either going solo or paired with another player or 5 players max, where you try to stay alive and be the last man or the last team standing after the game. The concept is wild and crazy. Although there had been many skeptics, but as you can see, now it’s already widespread. Surely even if you haven’t played the game, you already have a good grasp on what the game is all about and you even know a few popular titles.

One of the popular ones is the game called apex legends, The people that are behind the game are Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment. Sounds familiar? They should be, because they are the same team that was responsible in the now-defunct Titanfall. If you pay attention to the details of the apex legends game, you can actually spot a few easter eggs related to Titanfall. There’s really no story in the game so if you’re looking for that, apex legends isn’t for you. There are ways to play the game in your mobile device and one of them is through the APK. Why APK and not in anything? Well, if you’re curious then you better read further below.

apex legends mobile

Optimization and compatibility: There’s a big reason why you should play only in files like APK and that is because of optimization and compatibility. APK files are made for Android and if you have an APK file downloaded and installed, it’s already a given that the system will accept that as an app. If its not an APK file you can expect that there will be some bugs in it, plus you will not also be sure that your android device will accept the game. With apex legends android, if it’s not the appropriate file format, it’s bound to have bugs or worse, will not work.

Size is smaller: The best thing about APK files is that it can be small. Unlike other games that are heavier than two solid movies, each game that can be in an APK file can be small. If it’s smaller, it’s not going to be an issue with regard to memory. And apex legends a battle royale game, just like any battle royale game, its not known to be light. Its heavy, that’s why its always recommended to use WiFi connection for download. These games are heavy and apex legends mobile is not an exception, good thing that apex legends apk isn’t that heavy (try it).

Simplicity and efficiency: Although mobile apex legends is a heavy game, there are APKs that can simplify it and make it run even in devices with midrange specs. This is a good thing because one will be able to enjoy apex legends on phone, even if they have lesser phone specs. No need to rely on your computer or buy a high-end phone just to simply play the game.

Apex legends is one of the popular battle royale games that are out there today and that is even an understatement. With a unique theme and its a good year for battle royale games, it comes as no surprise that apex legends are becoming a household name. If you think that you want to try out the game but you can’t because of some compatibility issues with your hardware, you might want to try out the free APK apex legends on phone version. It’s light, compatible with even mid specked devices, simple, efficient and very fun. If you wish to know more about apex legends mobile, be sure to check out