Different types of games are now ruling online and the social media platforms. You can download these games or can play online just clicking on their official websites. Among lots of popular games, dragon city is the most viral social media game. It is available on both the platforms. Whether it is a desktop or a laptop or a mobile you can play the game. The official developer of this game is Social Point. First, it was launched in May 2012 for the Facebook users only as a social media game. Later on, it was programmed for the iOS users in the year of 2013. Now, you can download the dragon city game whenever you want. In 2014, Social Point has developed this game for the android users. Due to the easy accessibility, the dragon city game has gained a huge popularity among all the online gamers mostly for the mid-core players. There are hundreds of websites offer Dragon City hack to make the game more exciting and entertaining to the players.

How to play dragon city game?

Throughout the game, you have to use eight basic elements such as

  • Sea
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Dark
  • Flame
  • Terra

You have to play with dragons here. You have to feed your dragons, raise them and train them using gold and gems. Therefore, you can create the desired dragon city on the floating island. But the tedious job is to find out that gold and gems which are required to raise your dragon. As the base, you have to focus on your farm because the more you harvest, the more you can feed your dragons and they can grow stronger and more powerful. The percentage of gaining gold and gems is directly proportional to the number of dragons. Precisely, you have to farm more numbers of dragons to gain your gems. So, try to increase the number of farms you can build. As you go to the higher levels you can upgrade your dragons with the help of bigger farms.

If you want to earn more, make sure that the active farms have to supply enough resources.

To acquire more land for farming, you should keep cleaning those unoccupied lands. By clicking on the bushes, rocks or trees you can clean them. Though it costs money it will be profitable for you afterward.

Keep following these strategies or the Dragon City hacks to earn more, harvest more and for the better enjoyment.

Choose an authentic website to know the hacks:

Are you getting confused among loads of working hacks for dragon city? It is quite natural because most of the websites that are providing cheats and hacks for this game are scams. They are just interested in stealing your private information including e-mail, contact numbers, banking information etc. they just want you to hook up with them. So, avoid these scam websites. Take reference from an authentic Dragon City hack portal regarding your profitable strategies which you can easily implement to make your game more exciting.

These cheats and hacks will help you to deal with the rare dragons. Here you will also get notified how to breed a new dragon. The eight basic elements have their own set of properties which you have to know to rule the game. These hacks will help you to do so.