A few years ago from now, cyber cafes were the only place where you could have played PC games. Hardcore gamers spent hours on gaming in the cyber cafes. But the situation has changed in recent times. There are very few people who visit a cyber café only for gaming purposes. This is because almost all people have accessibility to the internet and can play games by sitting right in their rooms. This is nothing short of a luxury. Video games can be played not only on PCs but also on consoles and portable gaming devices. Availability of games has also become very easy. The PC games can downloaded from very easily. Here are the different equipment that you can use to place games.

Personal Computers

Personal Computers (PCs) are the most popular medium for playing games. The experience of gaming on PCs is the best among all the gaming medium. There are many other accessories which are required along with the PC. Having a gaming laptop is preferred if you want to have the best experience. You also requires a keyboard, mouse, and in some cases headphones to get the best possible experience. Playing the game on the PC gaming is very exciting as the gaming options for PC are very vast. You can get games both free as well as paid online. If you want to try out some free games, you can download them from There are many paid games which allow you to play the game for trial. In order to play the full game, you need to purchase it.


Another medium of gaming is consoles. Not all games can be played on consoles but this does not mean that there are only a limited number of games available for this equipments. There are a large number of games to choose from. Most common consoles devices include Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Consoles are controllers which are connected to the monitors and are played on them. PlayStations and Xbox are most popular among teenagers. These consoles are smaller than the computers and are available with touch screens to help you with the control.

Portable gaming device

The primary gaming device includes PlayStation Portable and Smartphones. There are many games which are available for these devices but they are not as popular as the other type of gaming medium. The main advantage of these devices is its portability factor. They are very easy to carry and thus you can play games from anywhere. Games on these devices can be purchased from the market or they can either be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or the Play Store.


The main mediums of a gaming device have been discussed. You can choose them according to your preference and the type of device that you are comfortable with. Each type of device has their own advantages.