There’s No Better Age to Get Started!

If you’re looking for child to become more active and have fun, then SoccerDays is the perfect choice!

Want to find a fun activity for your toddler to take part in – something that they’ll love, but will also benefit them too? Then how about signing them up to football classes for toddlers in Romford. SoccerDays run classes in indoor locations in and around the area. Here’s how a course of their lessons could be great for your little one.

Get them ready for school

Football lessons are a great way to prepare your toddler for starting school. It will allow them to get used to fulfilling tasks and answering to a teacher – although do remember that SoccerDays classes are put together with a toddler’s abilities in mind, so your child won’t feel overwhelmed! Your little one will also become used to mixing with other kids, making it much easier for them to interact and make friends on their first day at school.

Boost their skills

A toddler is full enthusiasm and has an abundance of energy, our SoccerDays activity play games to engage the children and channel their energy torefine their motor skills , to improve balance and also their coordination.  At a SoccerDays class they will learn to control the ball with increasing precision, dribble, change direction and bring the ball to a stop – and of course plenty of shooting practices to ensure everyone scores plenty of goals! a football class will also help them to become much more aware of their surroundings, a must for great spatial awareness.

Bring them out of their shell

If your son or daughter is shy, then a football class could really help to bring them out of their shell. A group activity such as a football class will help your child to bond with kids of a similar age. As they are already sharing a common interest your child will feel much more comfortable playing with them. Learning new things and reaching goals will also improve their self-esteem, helping them to grow into a confident, happy child.

Introduce healthy habits

Signing your child up to a football class is a great way to introduce them to regular exercise. A healthy lifestyle is something that all good parents try to maintain, and the earlier you introduce this concept to your toddler the more on board they will be. A toddler football class is fun and relaxed, so taking part won’t feel like a chore. If your kids are a little hyperactive, then they will burn off some excess energy too!

Harness their talent

Do you suspect that your toddler has a real talent and passion for the beautiful game? Then now is the time to see if they have a natural aptitude! If football is going to be a career for them in the future, the earlier they start harnessing their skills the better. Even if you aren’t wanting your child to play professional football, it makes sense for them to take part in something they are good at.

Give it a go today!

Now that you can see how much football can offer a toddler, why not sign your child up to a taster class? Free of charge, this is a great opportunity to see if a SoccerDays class is the right fit for them. If you decide to carry on, you’ll notice the benefits in no time at all!