The key to getting better at any sport is playing it as often as possible. The same goes for soccer where regular hour long training sessions are required to improve your skillset and develop your overall game craft.

To really get the most out of your training, there are several drills and exercises that you can perform which will improve your ability to pass, shoot and defend. Here in this article we’ll outline those drills and tell you how you can get the most out of them.

Dribbling – Beat Two & Score

This is a drill which sees players practising their footwork and dribbling skills to overcome two opponent players and score. Your average 5 a side pitch will be acceptable here, what you need to do is set up a 10 yard box half way between each goal where each round will start. The attacking playing will be passed the ball and then have to dribble past two defenders without losing it and then finally scoring.

  • This game is usually played for around ten minutes but can be extended depending on how many players there are present.
  • Each defender should be rotated every two minutes to keep them focused.
  • Keep count of the overall goal tally, the team to score the most goals wins.

Scan Opposition Defences

The key to dribbling and being able to move forward under pressure is being aware of your surroundings. This will require you to keep your head up at all times rather than focusing solely on the ball.

Practise moving through spaces while defending tackles from all sides. Your success at this exercise will depend on whether you’ve been looking around sufficiently to note where the opposition is and making a note of which players are currently a threat.

Trick Your Opponent

Being able to effectively defend against tackles requires you to be one step ahead of your opponent. What you’ll find is that sharp and sudden movements which trick your mark into thinking that you’re about to move one way or pass the ball is crucial in getting around them. Mix it up a little as the more unpredictable you are, the better your chances of success.

Make the Right Decisions

What you do once you’ve beaten your mark and find open space can either win or lose your team the game. Whether you decide to pass or shoot as well as how you intend to do so has to be considered carefully. There isn’t much time which is why you need to be constantly scanning your environment so you’re able to act quickly and instinctively.

Further Soccer Training

Expert tuition is a great way to improve upon your existing soccer skills, something you might not achieve through just a casual kick about with mates. Soccer training in Melbourne is available from several academies and training schools throughout the area so see which one might work for you. There are usually groups held for all ages, regardless of skill level.

Just playing the game is only the first step – real progress will be made once you start engaging in focused exercises and drills which will improve your weak points.