With a study involving physical activity and sports, most would quickly come to the conclusion that sports science would greatly require hands-on learning. The Sports Science Online Learning though made it possible to complete coursework and earn your Bachelor’s degree in sports science from the comfort of your home. 

Here is what you can expect when learning sports science online. 

Sports Science Online Learning Curriculum

Most programs that would be included in Sports Science Online Learning will revolve around the association and effects of physical activity to the human body. Particularly stressing on prevention of diseases and improving health.

  • General education courses – for undergraduate programs you’ll be taking classes for biological and physical science, social and behavioral science, humanities, mathematics, and written composition.
  • Core courses – general core courses will include health and fitness, adapted physical education, principles of athletic training, strength and conditioning, and human anatomy and physiology.
  • Kinesiology – this course introduces the students to muscle groups and studies their function and structure, focusing on how it relates to human performance.
  • Sports nutrition – gives a closer look at how micronutrients and macronutrients are used to fuel the body during physical activities. Students would learn how food can help boost the physical performance and overall fitness of the human body.
  • Exercise physiology – from here you’ll learn about the major body systems that are involved in movement and how they respond and the effects of continued or prolonged movement. 

online learning for sports management

Estimated Length of Program

Both undergraduate and postgraduate level programs for Sports Science Online Learning are readily available. Usually, bachelor’s degrees can be completed within two years when work is taken full-time. However, working full-time on a program isn’t an option for everyone as others may have work or other reasons affecting their availability and schedule.

Remember that if you are planning to attend courses part-time, it will greatly affect the overall duration of the program. The span of the course may also vary depending on the school or university.

To accelerate the duration, you have a few options in your hands:

  • Select an accelerated program
  • Transfer your credits from previous schools you have attended
  • Transfer credits from AP courses accomplished in high school
  • Taking the CLEP test

Career Paths and other Opportunities

Using your background and education in sports science and exercise, you have job opportunities in:

  • Sports performance research or study
  • Fitness and wellness coordinator
  • Fitness instructor or trainer
  • Exercise specialist
  • Strength and conditioning specialist
  • Coach
  • Camp director or counselor
  • Aerobics instructor
  • Physical education teacher

Sports and Health industries are experiencing rapid growth and popularity these days. It opened career paths and opportunities for many students who love sports. The online learning for sports management is a versatile degree that can be used in various industries, with skills and knowledge that are useful in positions within sports clubs and organizations.