When we think of Golfing, our minds often wander to the biggest names currently dominating the sport such as Dustin Johnson, Tiger Woods and Jon Rahm. These stars have taken the sport to a whole new level, and although you might not be able to play on that level, you too can enjoy a nice session of golf. And it has some benefits too.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest sports in the world, Golf is played all around the world on a large outdoor field that may span anywhere between 40 to 200 acres. It is often played with a hard ball that is small. The idea of the sport is to hit the ball into different holes using golf clubs, with as few swings as possible. There are terms that one would come to learn eventually, including par, birdie, bogey, double bogey, ace, and albatross. They may seem strange to you, but these words excite the golf enthusiast.

Golf is often regarded as a gentleman’s game because it is mostly played amongst the elites. In fact, for so long, it was strictly reserved for the rich and powerful. With a lot of demystification over the years, it is soon becoming a sport for everyone. This sport has become quite popular for several reasons, including the numerous gains associated with it. These include mental and physical benefits and are the reason you should pick up golf as your next hobby. Let us see some of them.

  1. Golf is easy to start, but difficult to master.

For a hobby to gain sufficient attention, it should be easy to pick up, and engaging enough to sustain interest, but only a few go on to become masters of the course. Golf satisfies all these criteria and more. Once you get the rudiments of the sport, which include learning a perfect swing, you then need to pick up a few important golfing gears that will aid you on your journey. As easy as golf is to learn, it is quite difficult to master, and many leisure golfers just remain comfortable playing at the amateur level. A few of the all-time greats of the sport have overtime revealed the level of skill and grace it takes to master golfing. As you improve your skill, your love for the game soars as well, making it the perfect hobby. It is important to not be too proud to take golf lessons. It is important to start off with good solid fundamentals.

  1. Golf is capable of relieving stress

If you are one of those with an extremely busy work schedule that offers little or no time for rest, you are bound to be stressed. There are very few hobbies that do wonders for your stress levels like golf does. The simple act of leaving that stuffy office and taking a stroll on the large golf course can work magic if you are stressed. Golf courses are quiet and serene. Being away from the loud and bothersome world for a few hours is known to significantly reduce your stress levels.

  1. Gold exercises both your mind and your body.

Unlike some other hobbies that might prove unhealthy for you, golfing combines both having fun and exercising your body. On a golf course, your mind is rejuvenated and refreshed, and you can think clearly because of the therapeutic and stress relieving characteristics of the sport. When you are on the golf course, the simple act of swinging your golf club can burn calories quickly. Walking around a golf course carrying your bag or using a golf cart can help you burn as high as 900 calories as well, depending on the distance you walk.


  1. Golf can be a fun activity with friends and family.

Whether it is catching up with old friends or a Saturday morning activity with a few friends and family, golfing is a terrific choice. Golfing can also be an awesome bonding experience for your entire family. You could spend most Saturday mornings teaching your children how to golf and, as a result, create a special bond with them that they will cherish forever.

  1. Golf can also become your career choice.

From a hobby you practice on the weekends to playing it professionally, golf also offers a great career switch. Depending on your level of interest in the sport and your skill, you could make the transition to golf and play it professionally. Golfing is one of the few sports you could take professionally once you meet certain standards, without having to pass cumbersome requirements or going through state bottlenecks.

  1. Golf can be a great retirement option.

Golf is also one sport you can play until old age. It does not take a significant toll as most other very athletic sports do. It is commonly said that “Golf is the best sport to retire with”. Although this is a clich√©, there are some merits to this line of thought. As a retiree, golf can help in keeping both your mental and physical health in check. For older people that have retired, golf can be a great avenue for physical exercise, as this group do not necessarily engage in lots of physical activities anymore.