The farming simulator game online now comes with a series of agricultural simulation set. Players can engage in an open world environment from their perspective. There are updates that generate exciting missions and more machinery with tractors. Players of all levels can also perform various tasks within a given period. But, with the advanced features, mowing grass and delivering cargo is much easier. The new farming simulator 19 mobile updates make the game more engaging. There are missions to complete to earn money the same as how it is before. But, there are plus bonuses, you better find it out here.

How To Start The Game?

If it is your first time on this game, you need to start by selling out your red tractor. Use the money you will get to exchange for a model with 140 horsepower or higher. Then aim to have your own pick-up truck to transport the goods for selling. In this game, to complete the mission, you need to bring items in a shop. Also, your efforts should focus on modernizing your equipment as regular as possible. It can help if you sell a machine and trade it for something new and something better. For the best, the pick-up-truck is cheaper and can do many tasks. Thus, grow more crops to earn money in farming simulator 19 on phone.

farming simulator 19 mobile

Step 1: Grow Your Crops

If you have the necessary machines, you can now start on your field. It is effective to make two fields and choose rapeseed than wheat. Growing rapeseed is more profitable but, wheat also is vital for animal bedding. At the beginning of the game, you need to plant crops that could bring higher earnings. So, if you are planning to buy animals, you need to grow wheat else, go for rapeseed. Note that buying animals at once will bring you good profit instead of settling for less. Selling supplies from your warehouse also helps you in the mission to get any type of goods you need. In  fs19 mobile, you need to start with great money in hand so, sell whatever you could. 

Step 2: Equip The Right Tractor

The new update on farming simulator 19 android needs you to buy a fertilizer vehicle. Fertilizing increase your crops especially if it is completely full tank. So your aim must fall on equipping with the right tractor to profit more. After getting the right fertilizer vehicle, opt for a lawnmower. Then get a semi-trailer to collect straw from wheat. A powerful tractor is vital from mowing the grass, growing crops, and up to delivering them. The process repeats itself but, you are earning a lot of cash as the mowed grass will grow back later. Thus, get the most advanced tractor to make things easier.

Step 3: Modernize The Cultivation

In farming simulator 19 android gameplay, there are three steps to get your field ready for any crops. Modernizing the cultivation helps you to prepare the field for crops or vegetables. You first use a cultivator before you change it for a planter machine. The modern machine for cultivation makes the process easier and faster. So, you should start buying a new field to plant more crops for greater profits. For most cases, fs19 android allows you to have two tractors and the default machine. This equipment combination is ideal if you are dealing with three fields. It makes your work faster without any problems.

To Make it Short:

In the new game update, you need to focus on cultivating the land. The proper sowing of seeds is essential so that crops grow in no time. You should also make sure to harvest the lot before selling it. The game missions are slow and repetitive but, it gives you the true experience of farming your crops. The challenge goes around your crops, you need to crawl in your vehicles for them to grow. With the help of the advanced machines, game mechanics can be easier to pick up. Thus, equip as much as possible to complete the task without faffing around.